Quartermasters and Kilt Care


Pipe bands receive a 15% volume discount on the cost of dry cleaning. Let us know how many kilts and/or jackets to be dry cleaned, provide us with a list of band members, and we'll take it from there!  And don't forget that unassigned kit sitting in storage - it needs annual cleaning too!



Take the pressure off the Band Quarter Master and store all your regalia at Scottish Imports. By renting a QM Locker at Scottish Imports, you ensure all band garments and regalia are stored in a safe, insured, environmentally controlled locker. Access to lockers is available during store hours - Tuesday to Saturday.  Please call ahead to ensure we can have staff on hand to work with you.  Have our tailor do any mending or altering on site, and don't forget...we sell kilt straps, buckles and Prince Charlie buttons, too!



New band members have to be outfitted and lost kit happens!  How do you solve this problem when an event is imminent? Maintain a Kit Locker at Scottish Imports. Whether or not your pipe band has special order sporrans or regular inventory hose, ensure new kit is available fast with a Band Kit Locker


Call Scottish Imports for more information and to sign up for Kilt Care, the Quarter Masters' Locker and Kit Locker.


Note:  all lockers are full at the moment, sign up today for the next available locker